Rep. Fleischmann says Tennessee is going to stay Red

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann traveled with the president today as he flew into Nashville for a speech to the Farm Bureau.

The Chattanooga congressman joined Senator Bob Corker and others in the Tennessee delegation.

Before he returned to Washington after the holiday break Fleischmann spoke with us about the changing face of politics in the state.

The announcement from Sen. Bob Corker that he will not run for a 3rd term next year sent some big names rushing to enter that contest.

In addition to GOP Representative Marsha Blackburn of Nashville or former representative Stephen Fincher from west Tennessee, former democratic governor Phil Bredesen has entered the race.

REP. CHUCK FLEISCHMANN said “I have the utmost respect for Governor Bredesen and the job he did, but I do think the state of Tennessee will return a Republican to the senate.”

Fleischmann, a Chattanooga lawyer now in his 3rd term, thinks that any democrat who pledges to work with the “other party,” as Governor Bredesen has indicated, would have to overcome a big obstacle.

“Phil Bredesen, if he were elected, would have to answer to Chuck Schumer. And Chuck Schumer is a liberal democrat–he has fought us on all of our big uh, our big endeavors that we’ve has ..and its just unfortunately they have to sit on that side.”

Democrats have said privately to him that they would have supported some republican legislation, if they could, said the congressman.
The tax-cut bill, for instance passed with no democratic votes.

Fleischmann says the success of that bill may determine the outcome of future elections during the term of President Donald Trump.

“I don’t think Tennesseans are going to vote for a democrat either for Governor or for senator. I think our state is solid red. I think its going to stay that way. ”

Fleischman is up for election this year also.

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