Report: “Accidental” Shooting Was A Murder Plot Gone Bad Against Dad

Harrison, TN (WDEF) Hamilton County were sent to a home on Waconda Point Road in Harrison Monday night for an accidental shooting.

But when the investigator wrote it all up, the story evolved into a bungled burglary and murder plot.

20 year old Thomas Claxton lived in his dad’s basement, but he told police that his father was kicking him out if he didn’t get a job or go to college.

So Claxton told officers that he had been plotting with friends to break into the home and kill his father in the process.

He gave them the access codes to the home and a gun safe.

During the robbery, things were taken, but the father was not harmed.

However, one of Claxton’s friends did get shot during the break-in.

His wounds were not life threatening.

Now Claxton faces charges of Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder, Aggravated Burglary & Theft of Property.

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