Hamilton County representatives call for Casada to resign

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Representatives in our area are speaking out about the controversy surrounding Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada.

Back in March, House Speaker Glen Casada visited the Pachyderm Club in Chattanooga. Outside he was greeted by protesters.

Since then he has been the subject of several controversies. He is accused of being involved in a series of text message and email scandals that have ranged from Casada’s former chief of staff sending racist messages, accusations of evidence tampering and Casada participating in sexually explicit text messages.

Republican Representative Robin Smith says she was disgusted when she found out about this.

“This entire situation is truly despicable. I have condemned in the harshest terms and words the behavior by three people, one of whom is the current speaker,” Rep. Smith said.

Republican Representative Patsy Hazelwood says she thinks it is in the best interest of the House, the state and her party for Speaker Casada to step down.

Democrats from our area, like Representative Yusuf Hakeem, agree.

“It would be in the best interest of everyone with all of the things that have come out that if he would step aside, but again that is not my decision to make and at this point I truly believe it is in the hands of the Republican caucus,” Rep. Hakeem said.

He says many factors lead up to this point.

“I guess I will use the term accumulative effect of the different events and things that have taken place and as a result of that it brings into question the leadership we have at the top of the Tennessee Legislature,” Rep. Hakeem said.

House Republicans plan to have a caucus meeting on Monday to discuss Casada’s future.

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