Reps. Fleischmann, Green signal support for Cheney ousting

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – At the Chattanooga Convention Center, both Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and Mark Green spoke at a luncheon after the Armed Forces Day Parade.

In an exclusive interview with News 12, both congressmen indicated that they support recent calls to remove Liz Cheney from GOP House leadership.
“I think that Liz has lost the confidence of the conference and probably should step down. I think Liz needs to go,” says Representative Green.
“I believe that Liz Cheney will probably be removed as Republican Conference spokesperson this week, she may decide to go voluntarily. I would probably be supporting Miss Stefanik in that regard.” added Representative Fleischmann, referring to Cheney’s primary opponent.
The representatives also addressed everything from the border crisis to the recent jobs report released this morning.
Green, who represents Tennessee’s 7th district, says the jobs report didn’t meet expectations.
“Unemployment up now. Totally unexpected. But unemployment went up today, they announced it this morning. And that’s all because of these big government policies,” says Green.
“When I visited El Paso Sector a couple of weeks ago, it’s literally chaos,” says Fleischmann, referring to his visit to the border.
The pair sounded off on President Biden’s agenda as outlined in his address to Congress a week ago.
“The dire consequences of this administration is an agenda that I think is antithetical to what we really need in this country,” said Fleischmann.
“If you pay people not to work and you tax people who do work, don’t be surprised when lots of people aren’t working,” Green says.
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