Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Herschel Walker visits Calhoun, GA

CALHOUN, Georgia (WDEF) – Republican Candidate and American Football Star Herschel Walker made a stop at Calhoun’s City Pool this morning.

The venue was strategically picked as a backdrop for Walker’s main topic of discussion, Title IX.

He shared his views on President Joe Biden’s Executive Order clarifying text in Title IX to include protections for transgender athletes.

“But they’re not doing the right thing for your kids. They’re bringing wokeness into schools right now and then our government will dare you to say anything. As a parent you may get arrested. So, I’m gonna tell you, I’m not a politician everyone knows that, but I am a warrior for God,” said Walker.

Walker also brought along 5 time SEC Women’s Championship swimmer Riley Gaines. She shared her experience competing against U Penn’s Lia Thomas, who made headlines last year for being the first transgender woman to win a major US title. Riley Gaines tied with Lia Thomas for the national title.

“I think that I’m giving a voice to past female athletes who fought for Title IX. It’s only you know, been in place for 50 years is the 50th anniversary, so it’s not that old. I’m giving young girls who don’t know what this implies a voice and I’m giving the present athletes who are intimidated and who are threatened and who are emotionally blackmailed if they speak out, I’m giving them a voice,” said Gaines.

There will be a debate on October 15th between Walker and his Opponent Raphael Warnock in Savannah, Georgia. The election is November 8th.


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