Republicans sweep Governor races in TN, GA and AL

Gov. Kemp: "It looks like reports of my political death have been greatly exaggerated."

(WDEF) – Three Governors were up for re-election on Tuesday.

And they had a few things in common.

Bill Lee (TN), Kay Ivey (AL) and Brian Kemp (GA) are all Republicans and they each took their states through a pandemic.

The difference is that both Lee and Ivey faced token resistance, while Brian Kemp faced a major challenge again in Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Governor Lee won re-election in Tennessee with a comfortable 65% margin over Democrat Jason Brantley Martin.

In Alabama, Kay Ivey also won another term with a 67% margin over Democrat Yolanda Flowers.

The Georgia race was much closer and much more bitter.

Brian Kemp just barely defeated Stacey Abrams four years ago.  On Tuesday, he won more convincingly.

Ga Gov Results

After Abrams conceded the race, Gov. Kemp told his supporters “It looks like reports of my political death have been greatly exaggerated. And, listen, it’s a great night to be a Georgian.”

Governor Kemp had a rough four years in office during the pandemic. He urged Georgians to take Covid-19 seriously while refusing to make masks mandatory.  The state suffered one of the worst mortality rates from Covid in the nation. He also was one of the first Governor’s in the nation to lift many Covid restrictions.

The Govenor also had battles on the political front, from his selection of Kelley Loeffler to fill an empty Senate seat (when Donald Trump preferred another candidate.  She would go on to lose the election for that seat.  Then President Trump roasted the Governor for not backing him enough in his efforts to change the election results in 2020.

However, the Governor regained political momentum when he delivered a property tax rebate and lifted the gas tax in Georgia as prices spiraled last spring.

He defeated a Republican challenge from Trump-endorsed David Perdue in the primary, and then vanquished his old Democratic foe in Abrams, who accused him of stealing the election from her four years ago.


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