Rescue efforts underway on Signal Mountain

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Since 7:30 pm, rescue personnel have been searching for two lost hikers on the Suck Creek Trail Head.

A 21-year-old male called 911 reporting him and his friend (21 YOM) were lost and off the hiking trail due to a “Flash Flood” stream which was created from a large downpour on Signal Mountain around 4:30 pm today.

Rescue personnel are hiking in to Suck Creek Trail head at the bottom and top of Signal Mountain.

They have been in contact with the two hikers via cell phone who have informed the rescue personnel they don’t know their location because they had to move to a non-established trail to dodge the raging waters.

The hikers also reported to rescue personnel that they are trapped on one side of the mountain rapids.

Currently, they are still trying to locate the lost hikers. Since we have lost sunlight, rescue personnel are hiking as quickly and as safely as possible to locate them.

Signal Mountain has requested a Mutual Aid response for additional manpower. They are as follows: Walden’s Ridge Emergency Services, Special Tactics and Rescue Services (STARS) and Red Bank FD to cover Signal Mountains fire district.

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