Rescued dogs treated at Humane Educational Society

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Some of the more than 100 dogs rescued in Rhea County are being treated in Chattanooga.

At the Humane Educational Society, veterinarian Tai Federico is busy looking at the conditions of dog after dog.

“We are doing examinations on them and to see what kind of problems they have and what kind of work we need to do to get them healthy and ready to be adopted,” Federico said.

These dogs are some of the more than 100 that were rescued on Tuesday from a puppy mill in Rhea County.

“They are just deplorable. As bad as it looks, people at home can’t appreciate how they smell. They just have a horrible odor to them because they have been house in filth and completely unsanitary conditions,”Federico said.

The next step is grooming. They were shaved and bathed. The Executive Director of the Humane Educational Society, Bob Citrullo, says these animals will need hundreds of dollars of medical care.

“Most of these have the same issues. It is going to be anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per animal at this point and that can change either way at this point depending on if these are heart worm positive or if they require some other type of surgery,”Citrullo said.

Citrullo says the dogs need your help.

“They are going to be ready for adoption very quickly so monetary donations are definitely what we need to take care of all of their medical issues,”Citrullo said.

As Federico examines the dogs, he is optimistic they’ll get healthy.

“Fortunately most of the dogs look like once we get the skin and the teeth and get them fixed, most of the dogs look pretty healthy all and all. So they should be able to find new homes pretty quickly,” Federico said.

If you would like to help the Humane Educational Society, click here to donate.

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