Researchers hope AI can alleviate interstate traffic jams

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The 300 video feeds from I-24 MOTION will be processed by a custom software suite that includes state-of-the art computer vision algorithms. These techniques use deep learning (a form of artificial intelligence) to identify vehicles and determine their position on the roadway. The type of vehicle is also collected, but all vehicle data is anonymous and contains no personal information. (I-24 MOTION)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Researchers at Vanderbilt University and other schools around the country are conducting an experiment in Nashville next week to try to decrease the number of stop-and-go traffic jams on a local interstate.

According to Vanderbilt, the experiment will deploy up to 100 cars equipped with adaptive cruise control technology along a 4-mile stretch of Interstate 24 during morning rush hour.

Previous research has shown that artificial intelligence-equipped vehicles can help smooth traffic flow.

The experiment next week will help researchers determine whether the traffic improvements from the smaller experiment can be replicated on a much larger scale.

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