Resident Physician gives man socks off his feet, Shelter says they go through 50 pairs a day

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A local doctor stopped to help a homeless man in Downtown Chattanooga, not knowing that someone was watching.
Now he hopes that this unwanted attention will inspire someone to do the same.

Dr. Thomas Sweets says, “I had had a long day, I was kind of tired I honestly did not want to talk to anybody.”

But Dr. Sweets did. One of his coworkers from Erlanger snapped this picture showing Resident Physican Dr. Thomas Sweets handing over his socks to a man in need.

Dr. Sweets says, “They are worthy of respect so I tried to show everybody respect. We take care of a lot of people in the hospital, that are in difficult circumstances. It’s not always bad decisions that put somebody in a place of homelessness. I always still try to find something to give them so I start flipping in my bag, looking for food or a granola bar.. something.. and I didn’t have anything.”

CEO of the Community Kitchen says that socks are something they are in need of quite frequently.

Jens Christensen says, “Here at the community kitchen, we go through at least 50 pairs of socks a day. If you think about being homeless there are really only two things you wouldn’t want to wear again.. socks and underwear.”

Two things that many take for granted…

Christensen says, “they really need just love and the reminder that they are people first and kindness goes a long way, especially at the holidays.”

And you might be wondering why Dr. Sweets didn’t just hand over his shoes as well.

He says, “I’m a little embarrassed to being interviewed for TV because it’s like.. wow why didn’t you give him your shoes. It looks like his feet were the wrong size. But, I thought well can I do something and I gave him some socks and I think he appreciated it.”

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