Residents at Jaycee Towers Get Extra Help After Electrical Fire

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Jim Post, 84, says he’s learned a very valuable lesson.

"I never guessed how many agencies are at our disposal in this city in time of need."

Monday morning an electrical fire sounded an alarm at Jaycee Towers.

Residents tell us firefighters wasted no time getting about 150 people out of the building.

Post adds, "They helped me with my walker down seven stories."

Debbie McKinney shares a similar story.

"My husband was able to grab my portable oxygen."

However, that one tank wasn’t enough.

McKinney adds, "In all the excitement and stress, I’ve been using it more."

So, retired nurses with the Red Cross helped McKinney get an extra oxygen machine.

Susan Jackson with the Red Cross, says, "If they come in and they don’t have their medications, then we try to help them get their medication whether its sending someone over there to the apartment to get it or whether we need to order it from a pharmacy."

The Salvation Army also stepped up to feed meals to the 82 residents that have to call the South Chattanooga Recreation Center home … at least until Wednesday.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke says, "I’ve talked to EPB, we know that they were working overnight and have a few more things to do to get power throughout the building."

Once power is restored, representatives with the local fire marshal’s office need to fully inspect the building.

After that, the residents can fold up metal chairs and go home.

Post adds, "Whatever it takes."

That’s proof that these residents are taking everything in stride.

The fire marshal says it could even be Thursday before residents are back in their homes, but due to extensive repairs, he says that’s just an estimate.

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