Residents concerned about vacant homes in Eastdale Neighborhood

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Some residents in the Eastdale Neighborhood are concerned about homes in the area that have been vacant for years.

Community leaders are trying to figure out how to fix the problems.

City councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod posted on social media about the vacant homes and ones with yards not cared for. She says members of the Eastdale Neighborhood Association continue to report properties for overgrowth, litter and brush. Residents agree that this is a problem.

Driving through the Eastdale neighborhood, you will see several vacant homes. One house off Lillian Lane has the roof caved in, tarp and broken out windows.

Ivan Moon has lived in the neighborhood for nearly twenty years. He doesn’t like that these homes are just taking up space.

“It kind of like is an eye sore to the neighborhood. I’d much rather see somebody in those properties keeping them up because it kind of brings a bad vibe to the neighborhood,” Moon said.

Over on Tunnel Boulevard, it is the same thing. This home has over grown grass, shrubs and a board lying around.
Moon says these homes could be put to better use.

“I think it is a shame because people are not being made aware of opportunities to get land a lot, there are websites out there for that. For any property to be vacant and not being made as affordable property to lesser income people seems like a waste to me,” Moon said.

He fears dangerous and illegal activity could happen in the abandoned homes.

“People can go into those houses and set up drug labs and different stuff like that. And that can cause fires and different things and risk to other people’s property that are paying their hard earned money,” Moon said.

Moon says homeowners should be held responsible.

“I think there definitely be somebody coming around to check on properties like that,” he said.

As the homes are left unattended, residents are hoping for change.

Coonrod posted the addresses of the homes that are either vacant or have overgrowth. She is asking people who know the homeowners to tell them community members want them to clean up their property.

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