Residents demand answers from Wacker Plant

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The community around the Wacker Plant held a protest, demanding answers following the recent hydrogen gas leak and explosion.

Some are saying the front page apology from Wacker management is not enough, and actions need to be taken to keep their community safe.

“If they are not going to be transparent with exactly what going on over there, they are going to have some people in an uproar just like they have this community at this point in time.”

Signs lifted high, residents of the Charleston community wanted to make their presence known on the street leading to the Wacker Plant.

They say their questions about environmental safety have gone unanswered following the recent chemical leak and reported explosion… that rocked the community.

“We were at football and heard a big boom and no idea what it was and no where to go.”

9th grader Bradley Dover joined the protest to represent one of the main areas of concern for the community… the youth.

The group is hoping for a clear emergency management plan, and Vice City Mayor of Charleston Donna McDermott says this is something they’ve asked for before.

“Our lives matter here we welcomed Wacker in, but you know coming with all this we would like to get further explaination on what is going on. We’ve invited them to come and talk to us, come to our city hall on the second tuesday of the month at 6 pm. but we are willing to open the city hall anytime.”

An open door is what Ms. McDermott says the city has offered to Wacker and they hope they will accept the invitation in the near future. Residents like Nikki Corley say in whatever Wacker decides to do next, needs to be adapted to cater to the community.

“Your involvement with the community in Germany may work for you, you involvement with the community may work if you live up north, but we live in the state of Tennessee, we’re Southerners. We love our way of life, especially in Southeast Tennessee and we are going to make sure that we protect it at all cost.”

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