Residents Enjoy 24-Hour Party for MAINX24 Fest

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Many Chattanoogans are spending 24 hours in the city’s Southside for the annual MAINX24 Festival. 

A highlight of the event is of course the World Heavy Weight Chili Championship.

Team Los Guapos won this year’s contest, after participating for the past four or five years.

They say their chili is good, but they don’t exactly have a recipe.

“To say we have a recipe is kind’ve like a loose concept,” said Alvaro Victoria, Team Los Guapos. “We kind’ve throw whatever we want into it. So beer, wine, beef, beans, lots of love.”

Festival attendees didn’t just enjoy chili.

There was also a parade, an Adult Big Wheel Competition, plus lots of shopping and food vendors.

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