Residents in Holly Hills subdivision work to recover after damaging storm

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Down Jeffery Drive you likely won’t find a home untouched like many of the houses in the Holly Hills neighborhood after a storm swept through Sunday night.

“All of the sudden in the middle of the night I just hear like this bomb going off, ‘bang’ and I’m thinking what in the world is that and another ‘bang’ then I got up and walked down and saw the devastation throughout the house,” Rick Neufeld said.

The Neufelds’ home was being cleaned up Monday morning.

The storm sent a tree onto the back of their home causing significant damage.

“Thank the Lord that we were safe, but, yes I was shocked, because I didn’t expect to have this kind of stuff happen,” Neufeld said.

Right up the road, the roof was gone on the home Michibia Smith lives in.

Smith said she and her daughter sought shelter in a bathtub and covered themselves with a wrought iron bench.

“We literally laid there and watched our roof peel off like a can of sardines. Glass was shattering everywhere. It was horrific,” Smith said.

She said one person in the home was taken to the hospital for lacerations from glass.

“Other than that we made it through. As you can see to survive this right here, I’m feeling pretty good, feeling very blessed,” Smith said.

She said they’ll continue salvaging and going through what’s of their things.

It’s how so many have been spending their Monday in her neighborhood and the surrounding area.

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