Residents of Morning Pointe reflect on last year’s Easter Sunday Tornadoes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – “You never think it’s going to happen but that night it did,” says Cody Harvey, Executive Director of Morning Pointe of Chattanooga. 

The residents and staff of Morning Pointe Assisted Living Facility are still working to pick up the pieces after last year’s tornadoes. 

The tornadoes hit two of their buildings causing them to have to rebuild from the ground up. 

Almost a year later residents of the facility say they still remember the moment their building came down around them. 

“It had rained hard all afternoon. Most of us had gone to bed. Around 12:30 it started pouring rain then came a big clap of thunder and it started raining from the ceiling,” says Louise Hayes, Resident at Morning Pointe Assistant Living Facility. 

This time of year often brings the most turbulent weather for those in our viewing area. For some, it is a painful reminder of how quickly life can change. 

“Some of them still have nightmares. That’s a really sad thought for folks with dementia who can’t remember what they had for breakfast but they can have that trauma that’s lasted them a year. Having these storm warnings and tornado watches. Having the rain beat up against the windows is a big trigger. For me personally Easter will always mean something different,” says Alisha Landes, Executive Director of the Lantern at Morning Pointe.

Though They still struggle with the post traumatic stress of last year’s events, they say they are looking forward to this year’s Easter – as it reminds them how far they have come.

“I think Easter will continue to be a happy time. That day represents resurrection. We have resurrected from what we went through. Our residents have had faith and have kept the faith through this year.We have been through lows and we’ve been through highs. Now we are finally rebuilt and are back better than ever and stronger than ever. We are so glad to be where we are at today,” says Harvey.

Across the street from Morning Pointe is the Lantern at Morning Pointe and they are still in the rebuilding process. Officials say they expect to be reopened in June. 


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