Residents Sign Petition Against North Hickory Creek Development

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Property Developer R.M. Investments LLC is asking Hamilton County to rezone 53.9 acres on North Hickory Valley Road from rural residential to multi-family residential.

Next Wednesday, the County Commission is expected to vote on the rezoning request, which would allowing 13 units of housing per acre.

But the request has garnered criticism from residents, some of whom appeared at Wednesday’s County Commission meeting to express their concerns about the potential construction.

Residents in opposition to the development have created an only petition which cites concerns about safety and traffic congestion. As of Wednesday, that petition had over 700 signatures.

MAP Engineers owner Michael Price told Commissioners at Wednesday’s meeting that a traffic study had been submitted to the County for review.

According to Price, the development would require the addition of a dual left turn lane on North Hickory Valley Road and a storage bay for traffic moving north on Highway 58.

According to the Regional Planning Agency, the development would create more than five thousand new vehicular trips on North Hickory Valley Road, every day.

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