More Resistance to the Obama Administration’s “Bathroom” Rules

Twenty six of the 33 Tennessee state senators are asking Governor Bill Haslam to file a federal lawsuit in opposition to President Obama’s directive on bathroom use by transgender students.
The governor has agreed that he believes the directive oversteps federal authority, but he has not decided yet on filing suit.

Some local leaders are lining up against the Obama directive, which has been backed with a threat to withhold millions of Title 9 funds if its not implemented.

SEN. TODD GARDENHIRE “The main issue can the federal government ..whoever’s president issue a directive that makes states do thing that they don’t want to do?”

Hamilton county state senator Todd Gardenhire is one of the lawmakers urging the governor to file suit despite the threat.

SEN. TODD GARDENHIRE, (R) CHATTANOOGA “…you will do it, and leave the implication that your funds you get from us may be in jeopardy if you don’t..that’s just pure out and out extortion.”

Local educators have been dealing with the bathroom issues, they say, for some time.

DR. GREG MARTIN “Our administrators locally do a great job with children that perhaps are confused about their identity …and we make accommodations..we don’t need some law, we don’t need a policy. We don’t need the government…we let compassionate administrators handle those problems.”

Like North Carolina, legislators like Gardenhire would like to challenge the threat from the education department.

SEN. GARDENHIRE “Title 9 ..uses the word sex and not gender identity or anything else and of course this directive changed that word to gender identity instead of sex.”

Tennessee is already drawing criticism for it’s new law allowing counselors to refuse to treat some patients, including those who identify with the LGBT community.
Some see the proposed lawsuit over the bathroom issue as another possible threat to industrial and business expansion, possible loss of federal funding.

DR. GREG MARTIN, SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER “Well, I don’t think the federal government has a constitutional authority to be involved in public education and I think that they have found a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist in a grand way.”

No indication of when, or if, Governor Haslam will decide on whether to file the lawsuit.

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