Resolution honoring Marines and Sailor killed in Chattanooga shooting

Washington – Representative Chuck Fleischmann introduced a resolution Monday night to honor the lives of the Chattanooga service members killed or wounded in the attack by a lone gunman at the Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center and the Armed Forces Career Center on July 16th.

House Resolution 383 says the victims deserve the appropriate award of the Purple Heart. 

The bill was supported by a bipartisan group of 72 original co-sponsors and was signed by the entire Tennessee delegation.

Rep. Fleischmann says, "Chattanooga and America lost five exceptional service members to a horrendous attack on our home soil. These men proudly served their country, and several made the ultimate sacrifice while braving fire in order to save others. With a broad bipartisan coalition, I introduced legislation expressing our belief that the Marines and Sailors lost or wounded in that attack are deserving of the Purple Heart and should be awarded appropriately. ”

The Purple Heart is a combat decoration awarded to members of the United States Armed Forces who are wounded in combat or posthumously to the next of kin to the military individual killed in combat.

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