Restroom Warning

the new federal guidelines tell all public schools that transgender students are not to be discriminated against, and should be treated consistent with their gender identity, even if it’s different than school records. the guidance explains that students or their parents, must notify a school that a student is transgender, and the school has to treat the student as their gender identity. “it’s actually to ensure that our schools are as inclusive, and respectful and safe as they can possibly be.” the bathroom debate has been raging all over the country and this directive comes one day after a school board meeting in fannin county georgia where parents threatened to take their kids out of the schools over the issue. one former fannin county transgender student spoke about his experience in the schools “i was beaten up by 2 males who said that who said that if i wanted to look like a guy i could be treated like a guy” the obama administration is not legally requiring schools to follow the guidelines… but this letter ties compliance to billions of education dollars. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick says he won’t enforce the guidelines. “obama does not know the line he crossed this time when you take on mom dad in the homes when the president threatens their children he has made a huge mistake” texas stands to lose about ten billion dollars… “he said he was going to with hold funding if schools do not follow well in texas he can keep his 30 pieces of silver.” the guidance makes clear that schools can provide additional privacy options to any student for any reason. from chattanooga jamal williams

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