Retired Deputy Fire Chief Dies in Motorcycle Crash

Flags waved at half staff on a beautiful Easter morning at the Dalton Fire Department in honor of one of their own.

Retired Deputy Chief Gary Baggett died Saturday night from a motorcycle accident.

"It’s what you call a brotherhood so anytime you lose someone like this, it’s tragic," said Battalion Chief Todd Pangle.

The accident happened at approximately 7:15 at the intersection of Cleveland Highway and Westwood Road in Dalton.

"Apparently the driver of a white pickup truck turned in front of Chief Baggett in his motorcycle and he didn’t have time to react and ended up hitting the truck in the side," Dalton Fire Department Public Information Officer Bruce Frazier told News 12.

Tragically, a loved one followed close behind.

"Unfortunately Gary’s son Daniel was also behind him following in a pickup truck so he actually witnessed the accident as it happened and got out of the car and rendered aid to his father," said Dalton Fire Chief Bruce Satterfield.

The retired Deputy chief was an avid motorcyclist.

He and his wife Julie would travel everywhere on their Harley Davidson firefighter-themed bike.

Baggett had just retired from his service with Dalton and is remembered for being enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all things related to fire-fighting.

"He’s always enjoyed everything about the fire service," said Satterfield. "And I think that’s what made him tick to be interested in each and every area of the profession and so he gave any area he’s working in, he gave one hundred percent at what he did."

"The knowledge he brought to it given his background and everything else you know… it was irreplaceable," said Pangle.  "He was good to have on the scene because he always seemed to be calm and collected and have the answers that you needed."

Chief Satterfield said memorial plans are in the works for the fallen firefighter.

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