Rev. James Lawson Visits for Collaborative Event

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF)- One man took the time to share his experiences of the civil rights era as he joined Dr. martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for justice.

Reverend James Lawson attended the Try-love Foundation breakfast in Ooltewah as a guest speaker Thursday morning.

He discussed the key role he played arranging the lunch counter sit in’s during the 1960’s in Chattanooga and Nashville.

Lawson has spent most of his life fighting for justice, introducing non-violent principles to historic groups like the Freedom Riders.

“I learned and felt early on that primary teaching of the scripture -Hebrew Christian scripture is the overwhelming truth that if practiced, it will change the world at which we live in as well as change people” said Rev. James Lawson.

The host of the breakfast the Try-love foundation, focuses on improving the life of middle class citizens who endure economic and social hardship.

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