Reward offered for information about the deaths of 2 animals

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Residents of Olive Street and North Hawthorne Street are being advised to bring all their animals inside after two animals were brutally killed within just a few days of each other. 

Last week a German Shepard was found strangled to death by an electrical cord and on Sunday a cat was fatally shot by what appears to be a BB gun. 

“One incident is unusual but two incidents within just a few days is just heartbreaking. It’s hard for us as animal control officers to have to go in and see that an animal’s life was taken. They clearly trusted this person because the dog didn’t put up a fight,” says Rebecca Ross, McKamey Director of Animal Services.

Residents who live in the neighborhood say this type of crime is very unusual for the area and they are concerned for their pets safety. 

“I don’t understand what is going on. It’s horrifying. Nobody is safe. No one’s animal is safe. If you have pet and it accidentally gets out, it is instantly in danger,” says Dana Ramby, concerned neighbor. 

Throughout the neighborhood stray cats can be spotted wandering around and neighbors say that’s nothing out of the usual but McKamey Officer Rebecca Ross says this type of cruelty is very concerning and not just for the pets.

“This is very serious. Studies do show that most serial killers do start with animals. They practice with animals then it goes to people. The fact that we now have two animals that are deceased and murdered within just a few days shy of each other is very serious. We don’t know what’s next,” says Ross. 

“This is probably just the beginning of it, if not taken care of soon. It could snowball. People who hurt animals a lot of times turn into somebody who is a serial killer, murder, or hurts others. They really need to find this person or people and get the word out that this is not okay,” says Ramby.

McKamey is now offering $1,500 for any information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for this horrific act.

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