Rhea County Animal Shelter is in Need of Your Help

RHEA COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- In Rhea County, Animal control officers are taking to social media to tell their story.

The Rhea County Animal Shelter is home to over 60 animals and like Diva here some are already for adoption

Sitting down with 23-year-old Cheyenne Swafford she tells us the hardships of her and her team in serving the entire county.

Cheyenne Swafford says,” Well there is three of us and that’s hard we only have two trucks…”

She goes on to talk about currently being spread thin with calls and the in-take of new animals, but she attributes her team’s success thus far to Rhea County Sheriff Mike Neal.

In addition on the in-take of animals The Rhea County Animal Shelter also takes on animal abuse cases.

For instance, one young pup named Billy was one of the worst cases that Swafford has ever seen.

He came in malnourished and his coat was thinning from physical abuse.

After months of rehabilitation, Billy is now ready for adoption and is still friendly as ever.

Swafford states,  “We really need help with volunteers and and we need help with donors”

Swafford and her team are currently reaching out asking for donors and volunteers saying that every bit counts.

“Especially socialization of the animals because you know they have to spend time in cages so people come up and you know just hold this cat, or you know there is a little cat in there that I think was little bit more wild outside and just in a couple of days I been able to pick him up and hold him, said lead volunteer Amy Johnson.

With growing support from the community as seen on Facebook, Swafford is optimistic about the future of the shelter.

“We’re in this business for the animals, you know we want to take care of them we want to make sure they’re in good homes and we don’t want to see any animal euthanized for any unnecessary reason and unfortunately that is what happens a lot and that’s not what we are going to be a shelter like that,” said Swafford

If you want  to volunteer or donate to the shelter you can visit their Facebook page, Rhea County Animal Shelter,  to learn more.

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