Rhea County Continues To Tackle Jail Overcrowding

DAYTON, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Rhea County Executive and Sheriff continue to tackle the overcrowding problem in the county’s jail.

Sheriff Mike Neal says they have already cut the number of inmates in the jail down to 115. They recently moved 40 inmates to four different jails. He says it costs 15-hundred dollars a day.

They have until the end of August to get it down to 87 inmates.

Plans for a new space to house the inmates are in the works.

Last night, commissioners held a workshop where they took in information about the different options. There are three possible locations to put the inmates.

Commissioners are looking at the cost to determine what would be best.

Rhea County Executive George Thacker says, “You’ve got the downtown location. The old hospital and the green site. That is the three locations we are down to. So we might narrow it down to one of the three and they have to make that decision and then we go forward from there.”

Thacker says there will be a meeting with the project manager next week to decide where to put the inmates.

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