Rhea County Sheriff’s Office “Toy Run” Helps 1400 Children This Christmas

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Santa,"Ho Ho Ho, my name is Deputy Pierce with the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department, and I am a school resource officer, and today is a very special day because there are a lot of needy children in our county."

Hugs, laughs and gifts for those in need were the priority for Rhea County Sheriff’s office during the 7th annual Toy and Coat Run in Dayton and Spring City.

Teams spent the week packing and sorting requests for gifts from families in need.

Seth Morgan,YMCA and TN Career Center,"We serve disadvantaged youth and help them connect to their career goals, and one of the things we like to do is encourage them to give back to their community and be a part of community volunteering. So for our December event, we chose the Sheriff’s Toy and Coat Drive."

But for one volunteer the event means something more.

Carol Rucker, LAZ Boy Tennessee,"From personal experience I was in these people’s shoes at one time and I know the feeling of not being able to know if you are going to get anything for Christmas and the heartache the parents go through."

"More than 400 coats have been given out in recent weeks and the most in demand sizes are for boys aged 8 to 16 across Rhea County."

The Sheriff’s Office was only supposed to help about 400 kids this year in Dayton, but Spring City and the surrounding areas had about 1000 kids in need.
So the sheriff’s office stepped in to help.

Debbie Ballard, Manager of Country Mortgage,"We just appreciate so much the response the help, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t donated to donate. If it’s not for this year, it’s for next year. So the need continues."

The Toy Run was established by the Sheriff’s Office special projects coordinator Jeffrey Knight and a local retired school teacher who felt compelled to help families during the economic crash in 2007 and 2008.

And the run continues today, helping more and more families in need each year.
Checks were donated by LAZBoy and other donors provided children’s bikes and jackets.

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