Rhea County ships out another 20 inmates but still over populated

DAYTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Jail overcrowding continues to be a problem in Rhea County.

On Thursday, Sheriff Mike Neal sent 20 inmates to Anderson County.

“It’s the first jail yet to give me a 90-day contract,” states Sheriff Mike Neal.

The Sheriff says they were under their goal of 87 inmates last week, but it bloomed back to 135.

He says Rhea County now has 73 inmates scattered in eight counties across the state.

They have to pay $39 for each of them every day.

Sheriff Neal says that will cost taxpayers $1,030,155 per year.

State officials call the old jail a fire hazard and overcrowded.

County officials are debating on building a new jail.

But the Sheriff is concerned that they approved a new jail two years ago, but never moved forward on it.

from Rhea Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

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