Rhonda Thurman defends her Facebook take on closing businesses

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – One Hamilton County School Board member is under fire for a controversial Facebook post about the closing of nonessential businesses.

In a now deleted post, Rhonda Thurman asked why quote “all of the people telling you not to work have not missed a paycheck.”

Thurman received heavy backlash — especially highlighting her comment of the large population of Chinese people in New York City returning from the Lunar New Year, potentially spreading the virus.

Thurman says she stands by her opinion, regardless of her position on the school board.

“I just want somebody to show me in the Constitution where this is constitutional to pick winners and losers. Why do some stores have to stay open and others have to close? It makes no sense to me. The small business people are the people that run this country, and we cannot turn off the engine and expect this country to run because it will not.”

Thurman did have a meeting with school board chairman Joe Wingate this afternoon. We’ve reached out to Wingate and have not heard back.

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