Ribbon Cutting at Volkswagen Supplier Yanfeng

Having the Volkswagen plant in Hamilton county has already created thousands of jobs—as you know.
But with the announcement that the plant will also build the Atlas SUV starting this year, even more jobs are created by suppliers.
One of them is Yanfeng, the world’s largest supplier of auto interiors.
That plant officially opened today.

Yanfeng is spending 55-million dollars on this plant…which now has about a hundred employees but will soon have more than 300.
On Bonnyshire Drive, its close to the Volkswagen plant–which will use it’s automobile interiors in its new Atlas SUV.

MAYOR JIM COPPINGER, HAMILTON COUNTY  “When you take a company like Yangeng, which is a global company, actually in 700…in 17 different countries here in the world, and be able to have them come here..the number one largest manufacturing of interior moto..automotive parts..it really is a …its really a big deal.”

MAYOR ANDY BERKE, CHATTANOOGA  “Volkswagen wasn’t just going to be an island to itself, but that when it came it was going to have to…going to have to see all these suppliers that would be formed around..tht would continue to expand our economy right here..that’s what’s happening, that’s what we’re seeing today.”

Production vice president David Wong says this one of 20 plants the company operates in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
He says they work to become part of the community.

DAVID WONG, V.P., YANFENG AUTOMOTIVE  “That’s also a great opportunity to motivate our people ..and, uh, make sure the whole community knows we are here and we, we are willing to work closely with them. Not only customer but also the local community.”

The Ribbon-cutting was a formality that launches the latest major supplier in the community….one of dozens that have formed and created hundreds of new jobs.

The plant was then opened for a tour. It will make floor consoles, instrument panels and rim for the trunk. Its done with state of the art robotics and equipment.

PLANT EMPLOYEE “We have 7 molds and a tag time of 145 seconds.”

Yanfeng records about 7.5 billion dollars in revenue.

Yenfeng is not the only supplier to ramp up production for the new Volkswagen SUV.
Gestamp is spending about 180-million dollars for its expansion.

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