Ridgeland Ready to “Have Some Magic Happen”

Ridgeland gets our 30-in-30 high school football preview spotlight.
The Panthers want to taste the limelight a bit more this year after going 1-9 last year.

When you win only one game, some times you just want to find a safe space.
Said fullback Ashton Turner”We go in there and listen to music and sit in the dark and just like talk.”
Music is good for the soul, and the Panthers hope installing the Wing ‘T’ will be good for scoring.
Said lineman Cade Dunn:”This offense is a whole lot more simple than every other offense we ran. Now it’s just like a Wing ‘T’. We have a lot of jets. A few passes, which makes my life a whole lot easier because I don’t have to think. Thank the Lord for that because I think too much.”
Said head coach Kip Klein:”If you put 11 guys out there, and they don’t have to think. They just move. Then you’ve won the battle there already. We’re not necessarily changing totally to the Wing ‘T’. It’s sort of a hybrid. We’ll still be in the shotgun some. We felt like we could move the ball. We could take a little pressure off of the young quarterback.”
And that young quarterback is Judd Anderson, who strides in at 6’6.
Said Klein:”Last year I had a nickname for him. He was Jeffery the Giraffe from Toys ‘R Us.”
Said Dunn:”He can throw it. He can hand the ball off. He can run it. He runs like Tom Brady. We make fun of him for that.”
Klein:”If he has a winning percentage like Tom Brady, I”ll be very, very happy with that.”
The whole team would be happy, but the Panthers face another tough schedule.
Said lineman Jacob Klein :”I don’t really care who we play. If we do what we do, they’re going to lose. It’s how it works.
Said Turner:”I feel like this year is going to be totally different year. It’s going to be. I think it’s going to have some magic happen.”

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