Ringgold crew cleans up paint spill

RINGGOLD, Ga. (WDEF) – Lucy Hollingsworth and her mom were taking a walk along South Chickamauga Creek on Wednesday when they noticed something unusual.

What they saw was a white liquid coming from a drain, and going into the creek.

“My Mom and I were both like what is this world coming to. We were upset. We were like, are you kidding me. This is crazy, crazy who would want to put something in our water, because we all share the water,” Hollingsworth said.

Out of concern, Hollingsworth decided to take a video of what they were seeing and went to city hall.

“I’m like well, let’s find the police station. Let’s find somebody who might have some knowledge of who can figure this out and then address it with whoever is doing the dumping,” Hollingsworth said.

Ringgold City Manager Dan Wright said the liquid was water based latex paint.

He said it’s an illicit discharge, and the city will seek reimbursement for the clean up.

Wright said the city contacted the state Environmental Health Division.

A city crew was able to vacuum up the paint.

Hollingsworth was happy to hear that a crew cleaned up the paint after she alerted city officials.

She said she often calls 911 if something is out of the ordinary.

She wishes more people would do the same.

“We’d have a cleaner, better world,” Hollingsworth said.

When it comes to disposing paint, Wright said that people should clean paint brushes in a sink and dry out paint in cans before throwing them away.

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