Ringgold Quarterback Cole Kibler Posting Big Numbers

Ringgold, GA-(WDEF) If Ringgold junior quarterback Cole Kibler keeps playing like he did in the Tigers season opener, he might set all kinds of school records.
Kibler is a dual-threat quarterback that plays a lot bigger than his size.
Cole Kibler has been impressing the Ringgold coaching staff ever since he walked on the field.
Said head coach Robert Akins:”Even as a 9th grader, he came in to the JV game, and he just made things happen.”
Kibler doesn’t exactly look like your typical quarterback.
Said Kibler:”I’m about 5’10 and 195 pounds or so. I’m not very tall for a quarterback. Usually they are big guys. I’m not. I don’t really think it affects my game.”
Said tight end Drake Starks:”He’s not big, and he kind of looks like he wouldn’t fit the part, but he surprises them with his speed.”
Kibler wasn’t even full speed last year, and he still put up big numbers.
Said Akins:”Of course he played last year with a torn labrum the whole year, and he still passed for 25-hundred yards last year with a torn labrum. Now he has got that well. He had surgery last January. Now he is better than ever.”
Better than ever is right. In the Tigers season opener, KIbler threw for over 450-yards against Northwest Whitfield
Said Kibler:”I mean I knew I was throwing the ball a lot. I didn’t realize how much I did throw for. I was just trying to put my team into best position where we could go try to win a game.”
Said Akins:”And I know that he was in the Georgia High School Football Daily last week as one of two that passed it for over 450-yards.”
Kibler is even better in the classroom with a 3-point-9 G-P-A.
Said Akins:”He’s taking advanced classes too. It’s not like he’s taking basket-weaving. He’s taking AP classes that are going to prepare him for college.”
And wouldn’t you know it, KIbler has a movie star nickname as well.
Said Starks:”Sunshine.”
Said Starks:”Because he kind of looks like Sunshine off of ‘Remember the Titans.’

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