Ringgold residents on tornado: ‘We didn’t get any warnings.’

RINGGOLD, Gerogia(WDEF) – The National Weather Service has confirmed that a EF-1 tornado touched down in Ringgold Monday night. 

The Calloway Farms subdivision is where the tornado reportedly did the worst damage where seven homes were affected.

WDEF spoke to Patty Barnes who was amazed by the scene of a large tree that was uprooted and blocking the roadway. She like so many other residents described a loud noise just before the tornado hit.

"I hear a sound like a train and people always say a tornado sounds like a train coming," Barns said.

"The wind was really weird and it did have a strange sound to it," said resident Joy Smothermen who lived around the corner from Barnes.

Both Barnes and Smothermen told WDEF the same thing other residents were stating to many members of the news media.

"We really didn’t have time to react. We didn’t get any warnings," Barnes said.

"You don’t think tornados because I didn’t hear anything about warnings," Smothermen said.

The tornado left trees snapped in half; trees covering the roadway and tree branches penetrating a brick wall of Douge Barta’s home.

"I looked out my window and saw tree’s going sideways and then we heard something smash into the front of the house," Barta said.

Out of all the close calls within the Calloway Farms subdivision, none appear more closer than the one experienced by Kristen Anderson and her two young children. They were in a minivan when the winds began to increase in speed.

"My ears popped really bad and I remember thinking that was weird. Then all of a sudden it picked up. My vehicle started moving sideways and so I put it in park really fast and I gripped the steering wheel really fast to brace myself," Anderson said.

But something even more terrifying occurred while she and her two children were inside that minivan.

"A tree flew and slammed into the window and busted it. If it had been a foot forward, it would have hit my 3-year old," Anderson said.

WDEF also spoke to a homeowner who didn’t want to be identified but said that right as the storm began to approach, he and his wife felt the air pressure inside the house begin to decrease; then he said all of a sudden a tree fell onto back of the house.

Luckily his home only suffered minor damage but his neighbors across the street suffered what appeared to be the greatest damage. A large chunk of their home was ripped out. Officials told WDEF that the home was no longer safe to live.

Despite how bad it looked, there were no reports of any injuries.

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