Ringgold Retiree Concerned Over No-Refund Mattress Policy

NORTH GEORGIA,(WDEF)-84 year old Barney Pursley wanted a new mattress.

"They said it would be a week, and i waited and waited and waited and then on the following Saturday I went in and told them i wanted to cancel it".

Pursley and his grandson Jimmy claim their card was swiped and this receipt stamped with "no-refund", without ever being told this was store policy.

Jimmy Underwood, Grandson,"He’s living on a fixed income and this is the reason he needs to cancel it because it’s a little bit more than what his means is right now and he said he couldn’t sell it".

Both men feel sales clerk’s need to explain and highlight "no-refund" options prior to purchase, especially for customers short of hearing and with limited sight.

Factory Direct Furniture say they made all efforts possible to return the mattress, but because the order was already made and ready to be shipped they were limited with what they could do with the mattress.

Trey Grosvenor, Factory Direct Furniture,"If it’s a specialty mattress, i don’t carry in that size or don’t carry and then if it has been produced and shipped or on the way no i cannot cancel that".

Grosvenor reiterated this is Factory Direct Furniture policy for the past 15 years.

Trey Grosvenor, Factory Direct Furniture,"To be honest with you sir, if i did that customers would come in and special order all kinds of things that i don’t have in stock and then cancel the order and i would be stuck with a bunch of merchandise i don’t want".

Bedtime Magazine research claims 4 out of 5 Americans are now willing to pay more for a better or customized mattress.

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