Ringgold seniors reflect at a drive thru pickup

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – Even though the actual graduation has been postponed, Ringgold High had an event to at least allow teachers to reconnect with graduating seniors.

They made their cap and gown pickup day into a drive through event.

News 12’s David Moore has another example of What’s Right With our Schools.

“Good to see you. How are you?”

Polo: Today we are just coming to get our cap and gown. And getting a little note from our teachers that we miss so much.

“Hey man! Good to see you!”

Polo Rhyne/Class Treasurer: It is kind of sad because usually we are in school getting our cap and gown from our teachers; going to class daily. Now we are doing a little drive-through. It’s kind of weird definitely I would say. But it still what we can do. So I am happy that we can do it.

Principal JR Jones: We just wanted to try to have an opportunity for our seniors to come by and just get their stuff. And hopefully get ready for a traditional graduation at some point.

“Hi guys. What’s the name?”

Class President Zander Parton: I know there’s nothing anybody here can do about it. So I don’t really feel cheated. But I mean, I guess to be honest a little let down. But it’s nothing that they can do you know. It’s life and they are doing everything they can to help us out. I’m really honored by all of the wonderful stuff that we are getting to do; this all kinds of virtual things that they are organizing. It’s pretty cool.

Asst. Principal Lisa Logan: Well we have had a lot of teachers ask to be here today. They are desperate to see their kids. Do you know obviously we are in education because we have a passion for learning and teaching and being with students they are people people. And they really miss these kids and they’ve asked to be here and they regret that they can’t and I understand why. And are just looking forward to just getting back to normal see where they can see their kids.

Kim Ryhne: She is my only child so I have been looking forward to this for almost 18 years. But I’m just really proud of what Catoosa county is doing. We can still find a way to celebrate our seniors. So even though it’s bittersweet, the sweet part is what we are going to focus on.

JR: Hopefully but we can still do things like the cap and gown pick up. We can do the pre-recorded class tonight. And then have a dance. We weren’t able to have a prom but we are hopefully going to be able to have a senior dance. And then in late July on the 31st we will hopefully be able to hold our traditional graduation on the football field.

“Here is your cap and gown and tassel. So congrats!”

Lisa: I wish them the best. As we always say once a tiger always a tiger. Do you know where to call. Do you know where to come back to. We will be here next fall ready to visit with you.

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