Ringgold sex offender faces new criminal charge

RINGGOLD, Geogria(WDEF) – A convicted sex offender is back behind bars facing another charge related to sexual misconduct against a minor.

William Logan, 24, of Ringgold was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

He remains in the Catoosa County jail without bond.

WDEF showed up at the address that was listed as his home. Several neighbor say they knew who he was and that the address that was listed on the arrest report was actually his parent’s address.

His mother did not want to give a television interview. But she did say the incident is a big misunderstanding and that he never harm a minor.

In May of 2011, Logan was convicted of child molestation.

Within the past seven days, three men in Catoosa County including Logan have been charged with sexual crimes against children.

On Tuesday, Catoosa County Sheriff deputies arrested David Reynolds for sexually assaulting a girl. Reynolds was charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of aggravated sexual battery.

Then last Friday, David Ormand Eubanks, 79, of Rock Spring Georgia was arrested and charged with child molestation.

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