Ringgold Tornado and Severe Weather Preparedness

When severe weather rolls through our area, knowing what to do before and during a storm is crucial. The tornado that went through Ringgold, Georgia Monday night demonstrates how important it is to be prepared.

Tony Reavely, Hamilton County Emergency Services says, "You need to pay attention." Storms approaching an area with the right ingredients can spawn severe weather within in a matter of minutes and even seconds. That was the case for some residents Monday evening in north Georgia. Reavely said, "Sometimes when they pop up similar to what happened the first of this week, just that preparation before hand is probably about all you can do." Reavely stresses preparedness for before and during a storm. He said, "If you have taken great steps beforehand to do so, your survivability is much greater."

One important resource is having a working weather alert radio. Reavely said, "Or purchasing a weather radio. If you don’t have a weather radio, they can be purchased at many places. If you don’t have a working weather radio, make sure to check the batteries. They are much better than they used to be because you can program them to zip code specific where as before you got woke up to things statewide." Everyone needs to pay close attention to watches and warnings in the future to stay as safe as possible. WDEF Chief Meteorologist Patrick Core said, "A watch is kind of a preliminary preparedness. It means conditions are favorable for whatever a thunderstorm or a tornado to develop maybe in a matter of of an hour or two hours, three hours. A warning means that immediate action needs to take place."

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