Rising COVID 19 Cases in Schools; HCS Mom Has Two Children Positive

Hamilton County, TN (WDEF): As the school year continues, so does the rise of COVID 19 cases among students.

There is over three hundred active COVID-19 cases, according to Hamilton County Schools COVID 19 Dashboard.

Nearly twenty five hundred students who were in close contact with those infected are in quarantine.

One Hamilton County School’s Mom has two children who are positive for COVID 19 which they contracted only a week into the school year.

“This last Friday, my daughter, I picked her up from school. I picked them both up, and they were fine. Then, about seven o’ clock, my daughter said I have a headache. I said, ‘Oh maybe you need water.’ By 8 o’ clock, she’s crying that her head hurts, her neck hurts, and she had a fever,” says Maghen Mulieri.

“I kind of knew it was going to be positive, I just had a feeling. But still, you know that what could I have done better.”

Maghen says her other child contracted covid19 from their sibling along with her husband who was fully vaccinated.

“I’m still negative, but it spread throughout our home. We are isolated from each other. So, my children and I only see them when I bring them something to eat.”

Maghen who works as a teacher said she was cleared by the district to come back to work because she had the vaccine.

“I had to stay home to take care of my children, but you know, if I had returned who knows what symptoms I may have brought with me.”

She says the school district needs to do more and require masks for everyone with no opt out option.

“We did really well last year, and I thought this year, we’ll be fine. We’ll go to school, we’ll wear a mask. But, one weekend and this is the predicament that we’re in so, it’s a little scary to see how many more children are going to get it.”

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