Road Construction on Signal Mountain delayed, Police Chief say “inconvenience” is worth it

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WDEF) – A warning for drivers travelling Signal Mountain Road.

Construction work will continue on a road project for the next few months, when it was expected to be complete last week.

News 12 spoke with several residents to get a feel of how this project was impacting them.

Some say it is adding 15 minutes to their commute, some say 30 or more, but many agree it’s worth the hassle.

Megan and April say, “We knew they were fine more issues that wasn’t a surprise by no means”

These signal mountain residents are talking about US. 127.

TDOT contract crews have completed the project that stabilized the problem area on a section of U.S. 127 also known as Signal Mountain Boulevard, but they discovered two more less significant issues after stabilizing a section that was a major problem.

The Signal Mountain Police Chief says it was well overdue.

Chief Mike Williams says, “Repairs are so much needed it’s worth putting up with inconvenience for a while because they wrote was just about to slide off the side of the mountain and talking about an inconvenience we would’ve been in trouble for a while if they had reconstructed it so the little bit of inconvenience that we are going through now to me is worth it.”

Residents agree that they are used to the traffic patterns since it’s been this way since the summer; however, Monday’s commute was a little tough, because crews moved their site a little more north.

Megan Burson says, “They moved up to the new spot yesterday and that was a nightmare but this morning when I came up it wasn’t anything different than what it’s been every other day.”

“It only takes an extra 10 or 15 minutes unless it’s rush-hour or something so but otherwise it’s not that much of a hindrance,” says April Handy.

TDOT says this work needs to be done by the winter and while the engineers are already here and the drivers are already used to the temporary light, they will go ahead and take care of the two issues.

Burson says, “I’m glad they had them check and that they are redoing it I’ll definitely.”

“We don’t want that to have to happen on this side of the road,” says Handy as she refers to an issue they have

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