Road Issues in Hixson Neighborhood

HIXSON, Tenn. (WDEF)- One Hixson resident is upset about potholes and traffic in her neighborhood.

If you own a car and live in Hamilton County, you’ve probably hit dozens of potholes.

You may have also noticed cracks carved into streets.

For every bump and crack a tire runs across, comes a resident wondering when the issue will be fixed.

“I’ve expressed my concern over this road and the general condition of the roads in Chattanooga” said Cindy Rutledge.

Rutledge lives near Lake Resort Drive in Hixson.

She’s certain vehicles will suffer damage the more they continue to travel down this road.

“I’m sure there is some wear and tear that’s on our cars.”

With popped tires or any other vehicle damage being a concern in the area, Rutledge says that flow of traffic is yet another issue.

What’s meant to be a two lane road is now a one lane road controlled by stoplights one mile apart from each other. “Several times I’ve seen police and ambulance come up, and it’s a safety issue for the residents here. They have to wait for the light as well.”

Lake Resort Drive has been restricted for a year now.

“Last February the road caved in.”

She said she attended community meetings in the December to address her concerns with the roads. “There was somebody from the Mayor’s office that sat next to me. They said they would reach out to me. Took my phone number. Took my email and I’ve never heard from them.”

Rutledge believes non-repaired pot holes will cost the community in more ways.

“Honestly, if a new business comes and drives on our roads I don’t know why they would consider this community.”

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