Robbery Suspect Sought; Ooltewah Residents On Edge

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – David Janisch works just feet away from FSG Bank on Lee Highway.

He says he cannot believe the man who tried to score some quick Christmas cash is still on the loose.

Janisch adds, "Its amazing they still haven’t caught him you know.  We don’t have a picture of him, so he could be sitting next to you right now and you wouldn’t even know it."

In broad daylight, a man in his 30’s wearing all black handed a bank employee a note demanding money and implying he had a gun.

Michael Brackett, a resident, says, "Times right now people need money, but he was a little greedy."

Chattanooga Police say the robbery suspect kept demanding money, and that gave the employee time to throw a dye pack into the suspects bag.

Janisch adds, "I understand that dye gets on your hands and it doesn’t come off easy. He’s definitely not going to be going out anywhere."

Janisch was told to deny anyone who tried to use dye soaked money at his store.

Janisch adds, "He just walked right in front of the restaurant right here at a ginger pace. He wasn’t running or anything like that."

The suspect disappeared into the woods after the robbery and has not been spotted since.

Janisch adds, "Think he probably had a house or a getaway car down the road because the woods aren’t that deep around here and there’s a construction site going on."

Even with half a dozen banks within a 3 block radius, surveillance video has not been released.

Chattanooga Police says FSG only used a VHS camera system, so the quality of the video wouldn’t be great.

Brackett adds, "Are the police out looking for this guy. It would be nice to know that he’s caught."

Extra security measures are being taken until the suspect can be caught red handed, literally red handed from the dye that could be all over the stolen money right now.

Police say the suspect had blonde hair and a beard, both of which could be fake.

If you have any information on this suspect, you are asked to call Chattanooga Police.

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