Rope Swing Accident Leaves Woman Injured

        North Chickamauga Creek George Park became a huge rescue scene Sunday night, when a woman fell from a rope swing and broke her leg.
        Rescuers say the 26 year old and her friends went off the trail about an hour and a half into the state park to a place known as the green hold.
        It’s a popular place to rope swing, but the woman supposedly let go too early and fell onto a rock.
       Mowbray Mountain Volunteer Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Dustin Woodard said it took around 60 rescuers and more than four hours, along with some creative tactics to get the girl to safety.

"We actually floated her pretty good ways in a  raft down just to get her to where we could even carry her out," said Woodard.
        Rescuers we spoke with tell us they don’t believe alcohol was involved with the accident and the rope has been removed.

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