Rossville Police look for car break-in suspect

ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WDEF) — Rossville Police are investigating a rash of recent car break-ins, that they say involve the same suspect.

Driving down South Mission Ridge Drive, there are signs it’s the holiday season.

“Well, as is always the case about this time of year, just before Christmas, we have a dramatic increase in the number of breakins to cars and burglaries and just thefts in general,” Detective David Scroggins, with the Rossville Police Department.

Rossville Police say they believe the same suspect is responsible for four car break-ins in the South Mission Ridge Drive area and also on West Lake Avenue. Detective David Scroggins says what makes these unusual is the way the man is breaking into the cars.

“I have been doing this for forty years and I don’t think I have ever seen a case where somebody has spent the effort to pry a door open when you could easily break out a window and lock the door, but on several different incidents he has physically pried the door open on the cars,” Detective Scroggins said.

Detective Scroggins says it’s important not to use your car as a storage container.

“Every year around this time we have reports where I had my entire Christmas in the trunk and now it is gone. The trunk of your car is not a good place, it is a great hiding place from your children, but not a good place to leave items of value,” he said.

Another piece of advice is if you see something suspicious, report it.

“If they don’t get something from your house. They are not going to stop, they are going to move on to the next house,” Detective Scroggins said.

In these recent cases, police were able to get get good shots of the suspect, thanks to home security systems.

“Probably the best security investment you can make is a good home security camera, plus the surveillance helps us catch the bad guy.”

If you recognize the suspect or have any information, you are asked to call Rossville Police.

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