Rossville SWAT Stand Off Ends In Arrest of a Wanted Man in Hiding

Rossville, GA (WDEF) – A SWAT team stand off leads to the arrest of a wanted felon hiding out in a Rossville Georgia home Wednesday afternoon.
        Walker County officials tell us they had to fire about 20 rounds of tear gas before they could get 33-year-old Timothy Bernard Pam out of the house.
        Neighbors in the Oak Street area were told to stay inside their homes for about two hours.
        The SWAT team eventually had to go in and escort Pam out.
        He had outstanding warrants including possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, stolen property, and obstruction of an officer from an incident that happened two weeks prior to the standoff.
        The owner of the house told News 12 that his tenant was letting a friend and that friend’s boyfriend stay with her for a few days, but she had no idea that the boyfriend had outstanding warrants.
        Sheriff Steve Wilson says Georgia State Patrol was able to ping Pam’s location from his cell phone.
        That led them to a vehicle with the tenant and her friend inside.
        Pam’s girlfriend was Tiffany Zapata was arrested for lying to police, but the tenant told police Pam was staying at her house.
        Residents described it as a scary situation.
        "All I kept hearing  was gunshots, sounded like gunshots going off but according to the neighbor across the road they were firing tear gas to get him to come out. They kept saying ‘Come out, we’re ont going anywhere.’ It went on for a long period of time then they finally sheided up kicked the door in and brought him out," said one neighbor.
        Now, neighbors are glad to know the man is out of the house, but still find it frightning that the man was staying just across the road from them.
 "It’s pretty scary especially with a bunch of kids playing around this area."said Zachary Medlin.
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