Runoff floods man’s property

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A steady stream of water was filling up the backyard of a duplex on Mimosa Drive Tuesday afternoon.

“We’ve never had this much water. The amount of water has increased dramatically,” George Patten said.

Patten has owned the rental property for about 8 or 9 years.

But the flooding issues the property is experiencing, he said didn’t come until after work for a future development started behind the house.

“They have had to leave it vacant and unworkable because all of the rain that we have had in the winter in Chattanooga and a lot of the water runoff is now coming onto my property,” Patten said.

Water is up almost to the back door.

Patten said he’s concerned for his tenants and the possible damage it may have done to the home.

“I have the concern that my tenants aren’t able to use the property that they are paying for as they would like. I have the concern that I’ve got future damage due to the water being up around the foundations of the building and it could cause dampness,” Patten said.

He reached out to the land development office about the flooding and was told that the builder is in compliance with rules to develop the property.

Patten said he’s disappointed that the city allowed the development.

“It affects me dramatically and they’re not in anyway at fault,” he said.

“I hope very much that city council would take under consideration the effects that these developments have on the adjoining property owners. The adjoining property owners are not aware of the rules that the city imposes and the builders that advantage of these rules knowing that there is nothing the adjoining land owners can do when the water runs on their property.”


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