RV Explodes in Murray County

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — An RV exploded this morning at 411 River Rest Campground in Murray County.

According to the campground manager, two people were injured — both of whom were owners of the RV.

“They were up and trying to start their breakfast, and the story we get from them was, you know they’re… something happened. He was trying to get the stove to light, something of that nature, but, anyhow, the camper exploded from propane,” said the manager.

According to witnesses, the couple were able to exit the camper on their own after the explosion, and emergency services were immediately called to the scene.

“Nine-thirty — there were emergency responders. There were three fire trucks on the property, you know, taking are of things. Prior to that, we always have some first responders on the property. So, we had two doctors on the property and two or three nurses staying with us. State Trooper, and they were already over here and they were administering aid. As well as the rest of our campers ere over here. I mean, we got a great community,” he said.

The couple were airlifted out of the campground on LifeFlight.

According to witnesses, their injuries are minor and they should be okay.

“The owners are cognizant, and they’re not… They’re injuries aren’t severe, that we know of at this time. But I can’t really tell you, because I’m not a physician. We do know they left the property in LifeFlight because of the nature of some of their external injuries, some burns and stuff like that,” he said.

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