Ryan Newman Ready For Return at Darlington

We finally get live sports back Sunday as NASCAR resumes racing for the first time in two months as they head to Darlington. No one will be more excited than driver Ryan Newman. It will mark his first race since that wild crash in the season opening Daytona 500 that everyone worried for his health and safety, and maybe it’s a blessing that Newman struggles to recall details of the accident.
Said Newman:”I was kind of hung upside down in the car. I know I was fighting the medical crew there for a little while. They kind of helped me out in more ways than one. I do know that part of the inside of my car hit my helmet and crushed it so to speak. The fact that my brain was injured I guess in the accident to the point it knocked me out, and I don’t remember the actual parts of the accident that day. Tells me that something happened. Right? So I kind of self diagnosed myself with that bruised brain because the reality is you can give time for a bruise to heal. That’s what I needed was time for my brain to heal. So I really don’t have any memories or recollection of any of my crash until I actually had my arms around my daughters while I was walking out of the hospital.”
Newman feels confident about his return on Sunday.
He has already enjoyed a test drive at Darlington.
Said Newman:”Wanted to see how I felt in the car. I had no apprehensions getting in the car. I was excited to get in the car. It’s my favorite race track. Just really wanted to get back in it and at it. The track was reall green and really fast. My first five laps of my 20 lap run were quicker than the pole winning car last fall, so I can handle the speed.”
Reporter:”Why is Darlington your favorite track?”
Said Newman:”I just like it because you run right up next to the fence. It’s unique on both ends. Very challenging. Just a lot of fun to actually hustle the car in.”
Reporter:”Jack Rousch told me that you were going to be like a 16-year-old who just got his driver’s license. You would be so excited. Is that true?”
Said Newman:”I’m like that every day.” (chuckling)

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