“Safe at Home Act” bill passes Georgia House

ATLANTA, Ga. (WDEF) — The Georgia House of Representatives passed the Safe at Home Act bill on Thursday. They say this bill will offer more protections to Georgia renters, while maintaining the rights of landlords. House Bill 404  was sponsored by Georgia Rep. Carpenter.

The bill would require rental properties to be “fit for human habitation” when the lease is signed. It would require landlords to maintain properties throughout the lease as well.

Additionally, it would prohibit landlords from turning the air conditioning off at a rental home prior to an eviction notice.

House Bill 404 would limit security deposits exceeding two months’ rent.

If a tenant failed to pay rent or charges owed to a landlord, the landlord would have to provide a three-business-day written notice period before they file an eviction notice.

The bill would also require landlords to post eviction notices to the tenant’s front door, or deliver the notice based on the rental agreement.

The Safe at Home Act bill unanimously passed the House, and is being sent to the Senate for consideration.

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