Salvation Army Opens Watering Station Downtown

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WDEF-TV) – In summer heat like what we’re having, it’s easier for a person to get dehydrated than you might expect.
Temperatures in the upper 90’s sent many downtown visitors looking for water.

As part of the Salvation Army’s "Beat the Heat" program, bottles of water were brought in to Miller Park to help folks stay a little cooler.
It’s become a regular event on hot summer days.

Capt. Aaron Goldfarb, The Salvation Army "What the Salvation Army’s doing is very vast in terms we’re offering cooling stations….The Salvation Army 614 corps located 800 McCallie avenue…also things like this where we’re passing out ice cold water .">

The Salvation Army says it has enough box fans for now, but’s helping many families pay their electric bill. Cash donations are being collected at the main headquarters on McCallie.

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