Same-Sex Couples Marry in Alabama

DEKALB COUNTY, AL, (WDEF)-A day of rejoicing and tying the knot for same-sex couples in Alabama.
   Monday morning the Supreme Court overruled Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.
      He had issued an order late on Sunday directing probate judges in his state not to provide marriage licenses.

The Supreme Court ruling was welcomed by former military chaplain Don Reeves.

"I am not surprised i am not surprised because i think our culture has moved toward this in general."

Reeves a professor of religion and philosophy at North East Alabama Community College has described the ruling  as one in favor of gender civil rights.

"Hopefully we will get to wisdom where there can be dialogue and where there can be a reaffirmation of our freedom to feel, think and act as we were founded to do."

In DeKalb County, Judge Ronnie Osborn refused to respond to our questions about the supreme court ruling.

However one Alabama lawyer spoke out against the supreme court decision.

Terry Gillis, Fort Payne Attorney,"This is a moral struggle we are straying away from the way God has set things up and when you do that you are inviting trouble."

Gillis believes the Supreme Court ruling  will be appealed.

"The law passed overwhelmingly by Alabamians that news was received they way you would expect it would by people resenting the fact that the federal court is stepping in trying to tell us how to run our state."

  Reuters reports that couples in at least 22 Alabama counties were denied or unable to get marriage licenses Monday.

     Some counties refused to issue any marriage licenses regardless of sexual orientation.

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